Centurion Showerguard Latex Free Dressing Protector securely and completely protects dressings and sensitive sites from moisture while showering or during aqua therapy. It keeps sites and dressings clean, dry and maintains the integrity of the primary dressings. Patients can resume normal showering activity while recovering.

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The protector needs to cover the cast or dressing have a comfortable SKIN-TIGHT SEAL around the ARM or LEG. Measure around the leg or arm 2.5 cm – 5 cm above the cast or dressing to find the best size of cover.

LiquaShield products provide water resistant protection for showering. Patients that have a PICC line, central line, IV lines, or a port will benefit from purchasing liquashield. patients will be able to safely shower without risking infection from waterborne pathogens.

Dressing protectors are covers composed of plastic or synthetic rubber-like material that are designed to keep bandages and casts dry in the shower or bath. Available for arms, elbows, knees and legs in a wide variety of sizes.

Brownmed – Sealtight Shower Dressing Protection Patch is a clear dressing protector for showering after drain tube placement or surgery. Offers protection to burns, lacerations, ostomy sites, PICC lines, or any area you need to keep dry.

These first aid bandage protectors are backed with a gentle, medical-grade adhesive that’s gentle and non-irritating on the skin. Easy to apply, the Seal-Tight Shield Self-Adhering Waterproof Bandage Protector is latex free, so those sensitive to latex can help cover their burns, wounds and first aid dressings.

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Wound Dressings are sterile coverings for wounds that keep the area clean, protected from further damage, promote healing and stave off infection. Available in adhesive or non-adhesive styles, each type of dressing is designed for specific kinds of wound care needs.

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