DermaSaver Breathable Skin Protectors. DermaSavers are unique patented skin protectors for people with fragile skin. dermasaver skin protectors protect fragile skin from damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion and pressure that can lead to skin breakdowns, lacerations, irritation, erosions, tears, splits and superficial bruising.

Independent Living Centre. In this section you will find a range of skin protectors which are designed to reduce shearing forces on the skin, provide relief from pressure, and protect the user from pressure injuries.

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Our thin skin protectors are CE marked Class 1 Medical Devices. This means they have been clinically evaluated and proved to work as intended. Our products were created originally to help with a problem most prevalent in the elderly, who may become at increasing risk of injury and loss of confidence due to fragile and weak skin.

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Skin Protectors – Shin Tube. Supplier: HealthSaver People also viewed:. delivery australia Wide Supplier Details. healthsaver (104 items) 1300. skin-guard leg Protectors. Gelbodies Gel Knee Skin Protectors. Arm and leg frail skin protectors .

Wheelchair foot cushion protectors and wheelchair leg pads provide exceptional protection for patients who require lower extremity or cushioned leg support to avoid skin tears to their lower body.

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