Sheepskin medical Medical sheepskin products offer natural relief from pressure points and help to reduce the development of bed sores. They are recommended for anyone suffering from inflamed pressure points, bed sores, aches, or pains.

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Medical sheepskin pads distribute pressure points and help to alleviate discomfort for patients who are confined to one position for long periods of time. Sheepskin wool is a soft and hollow fiber. This allows for maximum breath-ability which regulates body temperature and keeps users comfortable and dry.

The sheepskin elbow wrap is made from a high quality medical grade sheepskin pelt. Commonly referred to as a decubicare pad, which is designed to reduce pressure sores by transmitting pressure evenly and smoothly allowing for maximum circulation.

Medical sheepskin for bedsore One of the primary methods used in the prevention or treatment of a bedsore is to relieve pressure [2]. Specialised support services, such as specialised mat- tresses, sheepskin coverings. age and.

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MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN PADS & ACCESSORIES. Sheepskin is an ideal natural material to make a wide variety of safe and effective medical and disability aids.

The objectives of this study were to collect baseline data on: (i) the prevalence and type of pressure ulcers in a variety of rural hospitals; and (ii) the range of nursing and medical interventions.

Medical Sheepskin Elbow Protector . Small Medical Sheepskin sections used with a bed pad can add support under the heels and elbows. The Medical Sheepskin Elbow Protector is beneficial with long term patients providing ample protection against Decubitus Ulcer formation, while relieving and comforting pressure sores.

Flotation Elbow and Heel Pads protect the elbow and heel from pressure sores or to lessen nerve hypersensitivity.. * North Coast Medical, Inc. cannot guarantee that suggested codes are the most current available. This information is not intended to be, nor should it be considered billing or.

Find medical sheepskin products in Denver, Colorado. Shop online for medical grade sheepskin, slippers, crutch covers and more at Sheepskin Factory.. Sheepskin Elbow Pad . $25.00. Sheepskin Elbow Pad. add to cart . view product details.

Sheepskin Elbow Pads offer relief from pressure points by re-distributing pressure, allowing for maximum circulation and added comfort. australian medical grade sheepskin can greatly increase patient comfort and relief from pressure points and bed sores.

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