Medical sheepskin mules

Pleasantly soft sheepskin bed pad adds an extra layer of comfort when you sleep. This bed pad is effective in helping to prevent pressure sores and ulcers as you wake up feeling refreshed.

Our medical sheepskin knee wrap is made from a high quality medical grade sheepskin pelt. Commonly referred to as a decubicare pad, which is designed to reduce pressure sores by transmitting pressure evenly and allowing for maximum circulation.

Medical sheepskin rugs and woolpile bed pads are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout New Zealand. When placed underneath a patient or wrapped around them, the ultra-soft wool and specially buffed hide provides a gentle cushion for their skin.

MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN PADS & ACCESSORIES. Sheepskin is an ideal natural material to make a wide variety of safe and effective medical and disability aids.

Medical Sheepskin Pad Single Pelt Pad Medical grade sheepskin pelt for beds, wheelchairs, recliners. Perfect for seniors and elderly. Natural form shape with fleece length 1 – 1 1/2". Washable. Easy to care for medical sheepskins are a genuine product of nature Promotes healthy and deep sleep.

These so-called "never" events are among the preventable adverse events being addressed by CMS as part of the pay-for-performance mandate in an effort to improve patient safety, reduce medical errors.

Decubitus Pads, manufactured by Duro-med, are synthetic sheepskin pads that are designed to Overlay Mattresses or wheelchair cushions and help prevent decubitus pressure ulcers. These Medical Sheepskin pads are highly absorbent, so that they can also be used as a Reusable Underpad for incontinent patients.

What is medical sheepskin

The Rolyan Synthetic Sheepskin Pad is designed to help prevent bedsores, or decubitus ulcers of any kind. Perfect for in-home or clinical use, the comfortable pad provides prevention to the lower extremities.

They include medical conditions that impair circulation. Researchers have studied the effectiveness of water-filled and air-filled mattresses and pads, sheepskin mats, special boots and elbow.

Medical Sheepskin pelts are the best natural way to prevent and treat bed sores, and manage the discomfort of being confined to bed. These pelts are tanned using only the most rigorous methods, and are completely free of all toxic chemicals.

Medical sheepskin wound pads

australian medical grade Sheepskin Chair pad cushions increase comfort and offer quick and easy relief from pressure points. Our sheepskin seat pads are made of pure shearling sheepskin with a chamois backing.

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