The most beneficial feature of lying on a medical sheepskin pad is the breathability of the wool fibres. Wool is a hollow spring fibre which can support human body weight while promoting air flow at the same time.. as these sheepskins are intended to be used as bed pads and wheelchair pads.

Our sheepskin wash mitt is the answer when looking for an effective, yet gentle way to bathe your horse or dog. Made of genuine Australian sheepskin, this is the perfect mitt to use. Made of genuine Australian sheepskin, this is the perfect mitt to use.

Medical grade sheepskin pelts, bed pads and medical applications. Washable. Easy to care for medical sheepskins are a genuine product of nature. Promotes healthy and deep sleep. activates circulation. Provides relief from rheumatism, nervous disorders, allergies, bedsores, poor circulation, neuralgia, etc. Recommended by Doctors

Lawson Sheepskins has quality medical sheepskins and mattress pads, sheepskin rugs,sheepskin slippers and sheepskin pads for babies and pets A full line of sheepskin and wool medical pads, sheepskin rugs and apparel, wool and silk bedding.

Sheepskin mattress pads Opposed to wool underlays, sheepskin mattress pads are made using real sheep skin. sheepskin pads are usually used for medical reasons – mostly to prevent or relieve bed sores, much like low air los airbeds, only they are completely natural.

This single sheepskin bed pad is the same as the XL short pile single sheepskin bed pad MP102 except it has a 3.5 inch length wool fiber. Provides a little more padding. Prevent or cure bed sores.

Sheepskin Rugs and Bed Covers. With the proper care, a sheepskin rug or bed cover can last a lifetime. Never subject sheepskin to direct sunlight. Never place sheepskin near a direct flame or intense heat. Sheepskin has a natural ability to resist mildew and ground in dirt. However, there will come a time that it needs to be cleaned.

Wool Mattress Pads and Wool Mattress Covers in Canada. Available in 4 Standard Bed Sizes. %100 Natural australian wool pile. search site:. I received my sheepskin for the bed yesterday and I must say (even the man in the house who occupies the other side of the bed) made a comment when he got.

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